Choreography Lab designed for Collaboration

Coming Soon.  

Imagine a dedicated space equipped with the best lighting, flooring, sound and videography options any novice, seasoned or professional dancer could ask for as they tell their story.  In additional to providing equipment and space, we will provide access to and insight from our in-house professional dancers and choreographers as well as our friends in the field from across the nation.  We will not only provide a space and the opportunity, but will also provide resources and expertise.  Much like how StoryCorps collects, solicits and curates the spoken stories of people all over America and throughout the globe, we will do the same with movement.   Starting with the children and adults of Middle Georgia, we will in the future expand to collect stories and the movements that accompany them from all of over the world.  ChoLab will be a safe place for individuals to tell their stories about joy, pain, racism, peer pressure, successes, life’s detours, life as a young man, healing and redemption and so much more.  More over, ChoLab will be intentional via invitation in orchestrating unlikely collaborations.  These ChoLaborations will facilitate uncomfortable conversations and help to enrich perspective and deepen understanding.  The work will also serve to shore up existing alliances.  How neat is that going to be?!

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