Zaria Anderson (Liturgical)

Dancer and Choreographer, Zaria Anderson, is a native in Macon, GA where she has danced with CLC’s Drama & Arts Department, Hayiya Dance Theatre, Central High School’s Sugarbear Band Dance Auxiliary and Pearls of Perfection. Zaria received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies with a concentration in Broadcasting from The Fort Valley State University. At FVSU, she had the opportunity to join Phases Dance Troupe, where she trained more in dance and grew a love for fitness. Throughout life, Zaria has had the opportunity to teach dance at Wesleyan College’s Kids College, Bibb County’s Milestone Camp, Dance Magazine Conference, Fresh Wind Fire Conference and more. Zaria is currently a fitness trainer for her fitness program “Qoke Bottle Factory” in the Middle GA area. Zaria says, “Mind over matter is the reason I overcame many obstacles in my life. With the support from God, family, and friends I know I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way.”